Manifest with Magic Malas

How to Manifest ANYTHING

Ask yourself this question: what is it that you really want?

More self-love, a romantic relationship, a fulfilling career, more abundance...?

Gorgeous lady, ALL of these things are possible for you.

But you have to condition yourself for them and let them into your life.

I'm guessing that you're familiar with the Law of Attraction but perhaps you deep down believe it won't work for you. Or maybe you've tried to change your life using this universal law, but life just hasn't played ball. 

I've been there. When I first heard of the The Secret, I was super excited and I tried to use it to create my dream life. But nothing happened. I realised that wishful thinking alone just wasn't gonna cut it. I needed a strategy and some help.

Bit by bit I started experimenting with different ways to work with the Law of Attraction and over time it became obvious to me that there were two things that were really boosting my ability to co-create my destiny:

Crystals & Mantra

(for more information about how awesome my life is now, read my about page) 

So, how do you use crystals & mantra to manifest what you want?

With mala beads.

Meditating and wearing mala beads will help you stay connected to your deepest desire. Why?

  • Crystals emit high-vibe energies that'll influence your energetic body and clearing blockages.
  • Repeating an affirmation or mantra often enough changes the wiring in your brain (which changes your beliefs, your behaviour and your life....).
  • Wearing a mala is like wearing a talisman. it will remind you of your deepest intention for yourself, and what you focus on, you'll eventually attract into your life. It really is that simple. 

What is a Magic Mala?

A Magic Mala is a very special and unique high-vibe meditation tool that is consciously handcrafted by me (Sarah). Made with powerful natural gemstones, each Magic Mala is created with a specific manifesting purpose in mind. 

Join our Magic Malas Tribe

When I think about it, it's really amazing how Magic Malas took off. Women are wearing these malas all around the globe: in Australia, the Philippines, USA, Costa Rica, Switzerland, UK, Sweden, Denmark, Germany, Slovakia, Slovenia, Poland, to name a few. 

Who are we?

We are a mala-wearing intention-setting tribe of women who believe in the power of integrity, authenticity and truth.

We wear our malas to invoke meaning, stay connected to our deepest desires and manifest our vision for a better world. We are socially responsible earth mothers. We are curious. We are bold. We are courageous. We are drawn to beauty. We are moved by nature. We dare to dream. 

How to use Mala Beads

Mala beads are circles of beads used to help you meditate.
Although meditation beads are used in many world religions, in the traditions of Buddhism, Hinduism and yoga, they're mostly used to recite mantras – sacred sounds with lovely magical intentions.

108 Beads

Malas usually have 108 beads and a 109th ‘guru’ bead. It's thought that 108 is an auspicious number:
The diameter of the Sun multiplied by 108 equals the distance between the Sun and Earth.
The diameter of the Moon multiplied by 108 equals the distance between the Earth and Moon.  
The diameter of the Sun is 108 times the diameter of the Earth.
So I think it’s safe to say that 108 is a number of universal significance.

How to Choose a Mala

Honestly, your intuition knows best. browse the collection and go with your instinct. 

How to use Use your Mala

Find a mantra that embodies what you want to create for yourself. For example, if you want to manifest love, you could choose a mantra such as:
 ‘I am surrounded by love in every moment’
1.       Before beginning, create a sacred space for yourself. Sit comfortably with your spine straight and hold the mala with both hands in front of your heart. Close your eyes and imagine that you are cleansing the mala. Now start to bring your awareness to your breath and begin to deepen it. Feel a sense of your connection to the entire universe.  Align yourself with your intention and your mantra.
2.       Hold the mala in your right hand, draped between your middle and index fingers. Starting at the guru bead, begin to recite the mantra and with each repetition, use your thumb to count each bead, pulling it towards you.
3.       Repeat your mantra 108 times, traveling around the mala, until you once again reach the guru bead.
4.       Take a moment to feel the energy of the mantra vibrating through you. Place the mala around your neck and bring your palms together in front of your heart in gratitude.